My Morning Jacket finds the right note

(CBS News) Time now for A Summer Song . . . from a group whose music wears as well as a favorite piece of clothing (and has the name to prove it). Here's Serena Altschul:

So how would the members of My Morning Jacket describe their group's style?

"Psychedelic, soul, country, rock, jam," suggested Bo Koster.

Carl Broemel added, "Hairy."

You've got to admit, "hairy" is pretty accurate. But whatever you call them, crowds and critics alike seem to love My Morning Jacket!

Their last album, "Circuital," reached the top 10 on the Billboard charts.

Rolling Stone calls them "one of the greatest live bands of their generation"; The New York Times says their "ringing, optimistic" songs are the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip.

"Sunday Morning"'s Bill Flanagan has seen a lot of bands over the years; he says they're one of the most important bands to emerge in this century.

"My Morning Jacket have the eccentricity and the interplay that you associate with every great rock band, from The Who to Sly and the Family Stone," Flanagan told Altschul.

He says the group has something special.

"I really love the song 'Golden,' " Flanagan said. "It could be a song from Sweet Baby James, it could be a song from Harvest. It has that kind of timeless quality. And you realize they're a big loud rock 'n' roll band, but they can get it down to just voice and an acoustic guitar."

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Altschul caught up with My Morning Jacket at their sound check at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Jim James, the leader of the band, said the venue is so different from others they've played because of its history: "You walk through the hallway out there and it's just, like, crazy, you know? To think of all the people who've played here. I've been dreaming since I was a kid, that we might ever have a chance to play one of these places. We used to make joke posters that said, 'Live at Madison Square Garden,' and hang up around town, just for, like, fun!"

WEB EXCLUSIVE: To hear Jim James of My Morning Jacket describe the "typical" fan of the indie band, click on the video player below.

"Town" is Louisville, Ky., where James and drummer Patrick Hallahan grew up.

They go way back, having met in fourth grade.

On a very windy Spring day, Altschul got a tour of the farm where it all began. The farm was great for the young band: they could play as loudly as they wanted out in the country.

And in these corn silos lies the secret to their trademark sound.