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My Life As A Gamer

Beginning today, I'm starting a video blog to introduce you to my travels through online virtual worlds like "World of Warcraft," "Lord of the Rings Online," "Eve Online" and others. I'm prepared to share my inner gamer during these regular segments, warts and all. I don't pretend to be an expert, but I will say I've spent many hours slaying orcs and their ilk in the digital domains of such games.

So, I hope it will be part exploratory, part educational and part humorous. Really experienced gamers might mock some of my tech travels but this is really for the uninitiated, the curious or the mystified. (I do hope some higher-level gamers will gain at least a little insight, too.)


The first installment is a basic 101 as I reveal my level 64 paladin in "World of Warcraft" as he fights through the Outlands in the expansion pack "Burning Crusade." (Already geeked out? Tune in!)

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