My Father's Killer

A Brutal Crime. . .

How would you react if you were given the power of life and death over the man who brutally killed your father in cold blood, and then tried to kill you? Eleven years ago, Suezann Bosler watched a stranger stab her father to death, and then try to kill her. After the murderer was caught and convicted, Suezann went on a remarkable crusade to save him from the death penalty.

CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at this incredible case of forgiveness triumphing over hate.

Although Bosler, who continues to live in Miami, where the crime occurred, has suffered lasting mental and physical effects from the attack, she decided to forgive the man, James Bernard Campbell. In a strange coincidence, Bosler and her father, Reverend Bill Bosler, had been talking about his absolute opposition to the death penalty just before the crime.

On a mission to spare him from the death penalty, Bosler even holds vigil outside the United States Supreme Court, not only campaigning for Campbell's life, but others who are also facing the death penalty.

Then, at Campbell's sentencing trial, which will decide his fate, Bosler is in a strange position. Her riveting recollections of the crime may push jury to choose death, which is precisely what she doesn't want. But she isn't allowed to talk about her opposition to the death penalty. So Bosler tries to get around this, by testifying with as little emotion as she can. In the end, her plan works, and Campbell's life is spared.

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