Murder Charges Imminent For Amanda Knox?

For the past nine months, 21-year-old Amanda Knox has been sitting in a jail in Italy. Officials believe the American coed and her boyfriend killed her roommate, and could charge Amanda sometime this week. But she maintains her innocence.

"She's absolutely innocent. She had nothing to do with that. She was not there that night," says Amanda's mom Edda Mellas, who spoke to 48 Hours Mystery correspondent Peter Van Sant in an exclusive interview.

Authorities in Perugia, Italy are recommending that Amanda be charged with murder and sexual assault of her roommate, Meredith Kercher.

"We all knew that the prosecutor was going to charge her and wasn't going to say, 'Oops, sorry,' and let you loose, 'cause they need to save face," Mellas tells Van Sant.

Mellas says that the months already spent in prison have taken their toll on her daughter. "This is a kid who trusted the world...who only saw or thought of good in the world and who was never afraid to be alone and would, you know, loved to go out and see things," Mellas says. "And now, I think she's afraid to be alone. I think she has a real fear of public officials, police, you know, a fear of prosecutors, a fear of the media."

And Mellas says Amanda has good reason to be fearful: her daughter has been convicted in the tabloid press in England and Italy.

Van Sant talked to Amanda's parents last February in Perugia for 48 Hours Mystery and pointed out some of the tabloid headlines from the British press: "'The Twisted World of Foxy Knoxy,' 'Foxy Knoxy Helped Girl's Killer.' 'Meredith Held Down By Friend.' 'The Dark Angel Of Seattle.' 'Orgy Of Death.' And, Amanda was a 'drugged up tart.'"

"You know, I have not read the British press because I knew that was out there and that is not my daughter and that's not, I mean, you know, some of that you can just toss because these people don't know her. They have never met her. It's horrible," Mellas reacted.