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Murder Before His Eyes

Craig Scott, 16, was in the library when the two gunmen entered and started shooting. He gave the following account to CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

I went to the library to go do some homework. And I saw one of my friends, Matt Kechter, and I went and sat by him.

Before I could get my books out, I heard some - sounded like fireworks. And I thought it was some kind of senior prank, because seniors are leaving our school in a couple of days. And a faculty member ran in and was yelling that there was kids with guns shooting kids outside. And that's when they -- she told us to all get under our desks, our tables, in the library.

The two suspects came in, and they were shooting people. They were talking to them, stalling before they killed anyone. And they were asking people if they believed in God. And then they would shoot them.

And then they -- they said, "Get anyone with a white hat on, any f-ing jock." I was wearing a white hat, and I took it off and threw it under my shirt.

They came. They were still shooting people. Isaiah [Shoels] had gotten under the deskÂ…with me. I said, "Hey, Isaiah." And we -- I knew him from school. And we were friends. AndÂ…one of the suspects came around and saw Isaiah [a black student] next to me and said, "Get that . . ." And then he called him the "N" word.

And the other one came over, the other suspect, and they said, "Get that" "N" word. And then they shot him.

I don't remember what -- I was laying on the ground, and I looked up, and I saw Isaiah, who had been shot, and my friend Matt Kechter, who had been shot, and Matt was smoking from his stomach.

I laid there, and I pretended that I was - that I was dead. I was just praying. I was in shock. I think I blocked a lot of what was happening around me out of my mind. It felt like a dream.

Something inside me told me to get up and get out of there. God told me to get up and get out of there. And I got up, and everybody was in shock, and I told everybody, "Let's get out of here. Let's get out of here as fast as we can."

Craig escaped from the building, helping a girl who had been shot in the shoulder, and sought refuge behind a police car that was parked in a nearby field.

His friends, Isaiah and Matt, were among the dead in the library. His stepsister, Rachel Scott, was killed by the gunmen in the cafeteria.

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