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Much Amused About Odd Things

Saul Rubin knows way too much about this subject. He spent years compiling a book called Offbeat Museums, a nationwide guide to collections of the unusual. He visited The Early Show to let us in some of his findings.

When you think of museums, what comes to mind? The Louvre? The Guggenheim? The Getty? Yes, those will always draw a crowd, but around the country, museums are popping up offering (depending on your point of view) either much-needed information or way too much information on things like:
cockroaches, plumbing, rabbits, shoes and bananas.

Do people really want to see enormous collections of banana memorabilia or bunnies (the animal kind)? Apparently they do, according to Rubin, who has compiled a whole collection of the strange and unusual in a book called Offbeat Museums..

The following is a list of them by state:


International Banana Club® and Museum
The Bunny Museum
The Pez Museum
The Mini Cake Museum
The Museum of Death
The Museum of Jurassic Technology
Exotic World/Burlesque Hall of Fame


The Nikola Tesla Museum of Science and Industry


The Barnum Museum
The Children's Garbage Museum of Southwest Connecticut
The Menczer Museum of Medicine and Dentistry
Nut Museum


Tragedy in U.S. History Museum


Grandpa Moses' Traveling Museum
International Museum of Surgical Science
The Time Museum


The National Farm Toy Museum


Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum


New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum


American Sanitary Plumbing Museum


The Great Blacks in Wax Museum
Havre de Grace Decoy Museum
The Museum of Menstruation
The National Cryptologic Museum
The National Museum of Dentistry


The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices


Glore Psychiatric Museum
Leila's Hair Museum


The Liberace Museum

New Mexico

American International Rattlesnake Museum
The International UFO Museum & Research Center
The National Atomic Museum
UFO Enigma Museum

North Carolina

The Country Doctor Museum
Marvin Johnson's Gourd Museum


Warther Carvings


National Lighter Museum


Kam Wah Chung & Co. Museum


Mister Ed's Elephant Museum
The Mütter Museum
The Shoe Museum

South Dakota

The Shrine to Music Museum
Soukup & Thomas International Balloon & Airship Museum


American Funeral Service Museum
Barney Smith Toilet Seat Art Museum
Cockroach Hall of Fame
The U.S. Border Patrol Museum


The Squished Penny Museum
Don Brown Rosary Collection


Hamburger Hall of Fame
Houdini Historical Center
Madison Museum of Bathroom Tissue
Spinning Top Exploratory Museum

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