More on Edwards' Chat With Musharraf

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

WAVERLY, IOWA -- John Edwards again told caucusgoers about his phone call with Pervez Musharraf this afternoon, this time taking a bit more critical tone of the Pakistani president.

After reiterating his insistence that Pakistan "continue on this path to democratization with free and open elections," Edwards expressed some skepticism.

"He assured me he'd do it," said Edwards. "But we have to hold his feet to the fire because he's made those kind of promises before."

Edwards also urged his fellow presidential candidates not to politicize the Benazir Bhutto's assassination - perhaps a veiled message to Barack Obama's campaign, who earlier today implied that Bhutto's death was a result of Hillary Clinton's "judgment" to divert attention away from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East.

"What the president and the presidential candidates need to be doing is not talking about politics and the political advantage supposedly this gives somebody or somebody else," said Edwards. "This is a crucial, important issue that presidential candidates need to show some calm and strength and leadership on."