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Moody While Dieting? Here's Why

NEW YORK (CBS) Today Harry and I discussed the pros and cons of low-carb vs low-fat diets as they impact on mood. A recent study found that while both diets can be effective for long-term weight loss, low-carb diets can have slightly negative impacts on mood.

We know that carbohydrates can have 'feel-good' properties to some of us: 'comfort foods' or foods that cause a quick glucose spike in our blood are well-studied and documented. Over time, foods with a lower Glycemic Index are thought to maintain more stable blood glucose and insulin levels and thus, may be associated with more stable moods.

I tell my patients that the key to any healthful eating habit is sustainability and individualization: if you can't sustain a diet for life then what good is it? Good health and wellness is about fostering life-long patterns not short-term goals. Furthermore, any eating habit must work for YOU; finding your own balance of mood-stabilizing, feel-good, look-good-foods may take time, but you can do it!

Since no two bodies are alike, no two diets or eating plans will work for everyone. There are generalizations, but finding your own blueprint for success is the key for maintaining a healthy body weight and internal health. My motto: eat less than you think you need, and eat from the farm (as much as possible) not the factory. I personally try to limit carbs, because I find that I feel better with less carbohydrate intake. Develop your own plan and then stick to it!

Wishing you good health...

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