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Monopoly unveils new game pieces

Times are changing on the Monopoly board. 

Hasbro announced Friday that the popular board game’s playing pieces are getting a revamp, with the thimble, the wheelbarrow and the boot getting the boot in favor of some more fan-friendly options. 

The new lineup for the game includes a rubber ducky, a penguin and a T-Rex, joining old favorites the Scottie dog, the top hat, a race car and a battleship as well as the recently added cat, which was swapped in for the iron after a similar fan vote in 2013.

This is the new full lineup of Monopoly tokens.  Hasbro

The most recent online poll -- held in January -- drew more than 4.3 million votes from 146 countries. Fans picked from more than 64 potential tokens, including a bunny slipper, a television and a number of emojis. 

The new lineup was unveiled just ahead of World Monopoly Day, which is officially recognized on March 19. 

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