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Modern-day fable "Internet Story" is so riveting

Internet Story from Adam Butcher on Vimeo.

(CBS) - I discovered Adam Butcher's "Internet Story" when I was stumbling this morning. I was instantly intrigued by the short film's description: "A fast-paced and experimental film told through fragments of internet videos, animations, blogs and news articles... A series of shocking events unfolds when a young man creates a public treasure hunt for his own amusement and a video blogger decides to pursue the riddles across country." I decided I'd commit to the nine-minute journey. I hit play and didn't regret it one bit.

The movie is narrated like a fable, but incorporates the Internet. The interesting pairing kept me at the edge of my seat. I wondered - where is this going, what will be the conclusion and what's the moral of the story? 

I don't want to spoil all of the fun for you... Watch it above before you read on.

I caught up with Butcher for some clarity:

YU: What inspired you to make this film?

AB: A side of the Internet that we've probably all experienced at some point. The way searches can become rabbit holes into strange places. The sometimes faceless, heart-breaking loneliness of the Internet. The sense of people talking but not connecting.

YU: In watching this, the story is told like a  fable with a modern twist. So what's the moral of the story?

AB: It definitely is made in the style of fable or story - and references a clear-cut morality tale... but... whether the film actually has a moral, I'm not really sure. Really it's not me telling the story, it's the narrator. And he doesn't really seem to know what to make of it by the end.

YU: At the risk of sounding really stupid, I just have to ask, what was real in the film and what was fake?

AB: I think people have enjoyed finding out for themselves what's real in this and what's not. I don't think it would have resonated with people if there wasn't some truth in it. 

YU: What has been the general reaction to this movie of yours?

This is already a far bigger reaction than I thought it would ever get. It feels great, but it also puts a lot of pressure on me for my future films... They won't be at all like it!

So there you have it. I will have to agree with Butcher - the best  part about the film is the mystery of whether or not the bits and pieces of the tale are real or fake. It almost seems like both the narrator and Butcher encourage viewers to do some Internet digging of their own. If you're that curious, you'll find yourself uncovering your own rabbit holes like the man in the film, creating your own web adventure. We just hope your search doesn't lead to death.

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