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Missing Mom's Husband To Take Lie Detector Test

A young mother has been missing from her Michigan home since early this week.

At a vigil Wednesday night, family and friends prayed for the safe return of 30-year-old Amy Henslee.

CBS News Correspondent Betty Nguyen reported on "The Early Show" the massive search for the missing mother of two young boys continues as the mystery behind her disappearance deepens.

Tabitha Raymond, Henslee's friend, said, "We've put up hundreds and hundreds of flyers and were just hoping that the right person sees them."

Henslee vanished from her Hartford, Mich., home Monday without a trace. Her husband, James, says he last saw his wife of 12 yearss before leaving for work that morning.

James Henslee told CBS News, "Had coffee got ready for work, kissed her goodbye and she waved goodbye out the window, and that's the last time I seen her."

Amy Henslee put their two young boys on the bus to school, but failed to answer his repeated calls later in the day. Concerned for her welfare, he immediately rushed home to find the door locked and an empty home.

Lt. Bob Kirk, of the Van Buren County Sheriff's Department, said, "She didn't take any credit card, IDs or anything that we've been able to discover."

A Facebook page dedicated to Amy Henslee has been flooded with messages of hope for the woman friends describe as a devoted wife and mother.

Wendy Boyd, a family friend, said, "She would not miss anything for her children."

Authorities have received numerous calls of reported sightings in the missing person investigation, but appear no closer to finding Amy Henslee.

On "The Early Show" Thursday morning, James Henslee said he's planning to take a polygraph test later Thursday morning to prove his innocence.

James Henslee told co-anchor Erica Hill, "Anything to rule me out and to get the person or find out whatever happened to my wife and the mother of my kids. Because we need to bring her home."

James Henslee said he realized something was wrong when he called home from work at 10:00 a.m. on Monday.

He explained, "When I called home, it's a thing we do every day for as long as we've been married, and when she didn't answer, then after 30 minutes I knew something was out of the ordinary."

James Henslee said he immediately raced home to check on his wife. He said he found nothing out of the ordinary. He said his wife's shoes and coat were gone. He said her purse was still at the house.

James Henslee said neighbors didn't see her on Monday.

He added that he'd like to see more help in their search.

Amy Henslee's friend Wendy Boyd also appeared on "The Early Show" with an impassioned plea for her friend's return.

She said, "Amy, if you are anywhere that can see a television, we will not stop searching for you. We are dedicating our time and efforts only to find you, Amy. Call us. Call me. Call the authorities. And to whoever may have you, Amy, please, let her come home. She has two boys and a husband that love her very much. There's nothing more that I want to give my Amy -- I want her back with her boys. Her son's birthday is Monday. I need her home. I know she wants to be there for her boys. Right now, we are just focusing all our efforts, our community has come together. We're still asking, please, please keep up all your efforts. If anyone knows anything on the whereabouts of our Amy, please call the numbers that have been assigned and just let them know. Right now we're just asking that everyone please just help us out."

Boyd said she didn't see any signs that something was wrong prior to Amy Henslee's disappearance on Monday.

"I was with Amy, James, the boys, and her parents on Saturday. At our boys' basketball games. The same loving family that I've known for years. She always gives me a humongous kiss and a hug. Amy is the daughter I never had. She just said, 'OK, I'm going to watch the game.' I said, 'Have a great time, I'll see you later. I love you, baby girl.' That was our last words."

If you have information on Amy Henslee's disappearance, contact the Van Buren County Sheriff's Department at 269-657-3101 or Silent Oberver at 269-343-2100. Also, visit the Facebook page dedicated to Amy Henslee.