Texas girl kidnapped by mom almost back home

A girl missing for more than a decade is back in her home state of Texas thanks to her father's steely determination, and an international manhunt.

Sabrina Allen was just four years old when she was kidnapped by her mother and taken to Mexico, the FBI said.

The break in the case came in the form of a confidential tip received four weeks ago, reports CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano. Federal agents, working with their Mexican counterparts, hatched a daring rescue plan that finally paid off on Tuesday.

Gregory Allen said there were three simple things he was looking forward to.

"Love and happiness. And family," he said.

While his daughter Sabrina is back in Texas, Allen still has to wait for the long-awaited reunion.

"She's been manipulated and told I'm a bad guy, a wife beater, and child molester, and you get the idea," Allen said.

Sabrina vanished in 2002 after a weekend visit with Allen's ex-wife, Dara Llorens.

Instead of returning Sabrina to Allen, who had sole custody, Llorens fled with the girl across the border into Mexico.

Over the years, Allen came tantalizingly close to finding Sabrina.

He even obtained a video of her performing at a school play, with her hair cut short and dyed black in disguise.

"The first time, I took a month off and went to Mexico City, I was walking the streets putting fliers on sign posts and mailboxes," Allen said.

Those efforts eventually lead to a tip that Llorens was hiding out with Sabrina in a town southeast of Mexico City.

"She was not living a regular life. She apparently has not been at school and apparently rarely left their small apartment," Allen said.

On Tuesday morning, Llorens was arrested by Mexican law enforcement officers, who planned the rescue with the help of the FBI.

"There was slight resistance, but Dara weighs approximately 105 pounds. But she did resist initially, I think after the arrest, they both calmed down," acting FBI supervisory special agent Justin Noble said.

Sabrina, now 17, is dealing with the trauma and re-adjusting to life back in the U.S. with the help of a therapist.

When she's willing to see her dad again, Allen said he knows exactly what he'll say.

"I'm going to ask her if I could give her a hug."

Allen said there's no timetable for his reunion with Sabrina, that he will wait until she is ready.

Llorens is behind bars at the Travis County Jail, charged with aggravated kidnapping and interfering with child custody. She's being held on $330,000 bond.