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Mirror Mirror

In a weeklong series called "Mirror Mirror," The Early Show took an unblinking look at the art of cosmetic surgery. Julie Chen investigated new trends in plastic surgery.

On May 13,, Julie tackled the recent trend toward having several smaller procedures tailored to the patient's face instead of a traditional facelift. The cost of having several small procedures is more or less the same as if the person has a facelift, but there are not hospital expenses since it is an outpatient procedure. Another big plus is the fact that a facelift is very traumatic to the body. So doing small procedures one at a time is easier for the body to deal with.

On May 14, Julie talked to guys who went under the knife. As baby boomers age, more men than ever are looking in the mirror and seeing bags and sags. Plastic surgery was once mainly the territory of the rich, famous and female. But now, it's a popular option for men. In our image-conscious society, men want to look and feel good as they age.

It's interesting to note that, while the number of men having plastic surgery is on the rise, they're having these procedures done at a younger age. They're getting eye, neck and facelifts 10 years earlier than ever before.

On May 15, Julie found out about a new procedure called a cheek lift. High, full cheeks are not only glamorous, they're also a sign of youth. But as we age, our cheeks often begin to droop. Now there's a new procedure that aims to reverse the effects of gravity. Dr. Mark Glasgold, a plastic surgeon in East Brunswick, N.J., says during the operation, which takes about an hour, permanent sutures are implanted to hold up the cheeks. To contact Dr. Glasgold, please call (732) 846-6540.

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May 16, for the last installment of the series, Julie took a look at what happens when a plastic surgery procedure goes awry. She spoke with New York plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Marfuggi, who is consulted on hundreds of plastic surgery mishaps. He is also the author of Plastic Surgery: What You Need To Know: Before, During And After. If you have a question for Dr. Marfuggi, visit his Web site at

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