Miracle baby born in Nepal weeks after earthquake

The International Federation of the Red Cross has released photos of a baby boy born in the aftermath of the April 25th earthquake in Nepal - a glimmer of hope for a country steeped in despair.

Red Cross officials say the pregnant woman, Dolma Tamang, was buried under the rubble after the earthquake hit. Though she was wounded and had trouble breathing, Tamanga was able to dig herself out.

Dolma Tamang after giving birth to her baby boy Mirva Helenius / Finnish Red Cross

Two weeks after the earthquake struck -- as she was going into labor -- the Japanese Red Cross took her to a health clinic to deliver the child. The baby boy was born Wednesday and is said to be healthy.

"Even though we lost almost all our belongings and live in a temporary shelter, I could not be happier and more thankful for this little miracle," said Tamang.

A baby born born Wednesday May 13th in Nepal. The boy's mother had been trapped in rubble two weeks earlier before digging herself out. Mirva Helenius / Finnish Red Cross

A recent aftershock on Tuesday killed dozens of people in Nepal, adding to the already grim death toll of more than 8,000 from last month's earthquake.