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Mink On The Lam

Animal rights activists are suspected of freeing an estimated 8,000 mink in England. While farm workers tried to recapture them, breeders worried the mink could cause environmental problems.
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They said the mink are predators and might hurt local birds. A similar liberation of thousands of mink last month caused havoc in another area. They killed people's pets and even attacked a fisherman.

Most of the animals stayed on the farm, but police said 2,000 had ventured into the neighboring countryside. Many have died; the farm's owner had a shopping cart full of carcasses recovered from roads and fields.

Animal rights activists hacked open cages and released the mink from a breeding farm. It's the second such attack in Britain in as many months. Sky TV says the Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility.

Police warned residents to keep doors and windows closed. Press Association, the British news agency, reported sounds of shots. The shots apparently came from neighboring farmers.