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Microwave plays YouTube videos while you wait

(CBS) - Ugh. There's no worse first-world problem than waiting for your food to come out of the microwave.

Thanks to a group of young developers, you can watch YouTube videos on your microwave while you're waiting for those delicious little White Castle burgers. Mmmm.

The uWave is basically an HP TouchPad connected to a microwave, but its functionality is so much more than that.

When you start the microwave, a process is started that pulls a popular YouTube video to play on the HP TouchPad. Once the timer goes off, you'll also be sent a text and a tweet. It's simply amazing. Can we please get these into production?

Developers Kevin Conley, Varun Sampath, Benjamin Shyong and Teddy Zhang submitted their project to PennApps, a bi-annual hackathon held by the University of Pennsylvania.

Congratulations, guys. Now can we do something about the DMV?

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