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Microsoft redesigns Windows logo

Windows 8 logo compared with past Windows logos Microsoft

(CBS) - Microsoft announced a redesign of the Windows logo today in preparation for the pending release of the Windows 8 operating system.

"We realized an evolution of our logo would better reflect our Metro style design principles," Microsoft user experience director Sam Moreau said in a blog post today. The Metro design he's referring to is a complete reinvention of Windows to look more modern.

A majority of past Windows logos has been represented as a four-colored flag. The new looks is a one color with clean lines. Moreau pointed out that the original logo was meant to look like a window.


"Few remember the original Windows logo, yet we found it both refreshing and inspiring in relation to the work we have been doing on the Metro style design visuals," Moreau said about the Windows 1.0 logo.

The Windows 8 user interface looks very similar to a window and is optimized to go from desktop to mobile touchscreen. Critics have been wondering if Microsoft is betting all its chips on the success of tablets and smartphones.

So far, it seems like they're bet will pay off. This week Apple announced its new operating system Mountain Lion. The ninth update of OS X will look more like its mobile counterpart iOS.