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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts our computers will "know" what we want

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(CBS) - What Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is forecasting sounds like music to our ears! Computers to do all the work for us? Now that's like having the perfect boyfriend... or a personal assistant.

PC & Tech Authority reported, Ballmer believes computers will one day be able to understand what we want but "take action on our behalf." For instance, the breakthrough technology can get you ready for a trip. But how?

Right now, you have to click on things, open files, download stuff, reply, forward, etc. in order to get anything done on your PC. Ballmer says, in the future you'll be able to tell your device, "get me ready for my trip to Tokyo" and voila -- your system will provide you with what you need, and take action for you.

Okay, so we're still unclear how this is possible. Just imagine the tech glitches and errors that can take place. I once thought I bought a pair of shoes and later learned, due to server issues, the seller never even got my order. (Sorry to be so skeptical, Internet!)

Ballmer cites Google Instant as an example. You know how Google tries to predict what you're searching for the second you start typing it in the search box? That's Google Instant. We've all typed things into search from time to time and got garbage content in return though. How will the computers of the future filter what we don't want? (There's that skepticism again!)

We're still excited at the thought though. Details, Ballmer -- we need details!

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