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Michelle Obama shares her prom photo igniting #PromChallenge to encourage student voters

Michelle Obama is taking us back to our prom days. In her latest social media post, the former first lady shared a throwback photo of herself on her 1980's prom night.

"Throwing it back to my 1982 prom night and this pink satin, polka-dotted dress," she wrote on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of her and her date at the time (who was not former President Barack Obama).

The Grammy winner wasn't just reminiscing on her senior days, she posted the photo in support of an important mission.

"If you're a student or teacher, join the #PromChallenge with @WhenWeAllVote and @MTV and tell us what your school is doing to register students to vote," she wrote.

The Prom Challenge is a program created by When We All Vote and MTV with the aim to get more students registered to vote. The program will recognize 20 high schools across the country who are integrating voter registration into their schools in the most creative and impactful ways. Schools can submit an application detailing how they are recruiting voters and winners of the competition will receive up to $5,000 for their prom.

With a vital voting season ahead, the program stresses the importance of students registering — for most graduating high school this year, it will be the first time that they can vote.

Obama also encouraged others to spread the word by posting their prom photo with the hashtag #PromChallenge. Some of her celebrity friends have already supported the cause including, Tom Hanks, Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross.

"It's not Thursday but I'm throwin' it back…to prom!" Washington posted.

"Prom was fun, but my 1st time voting was life changing," Ross wrote.

Mrs. Obama has been a long-time advocate during and after her time as first lady for issues that affect the youth. Earlier this year, she launched "A Year of Firsts," a video series on Instagram that focuses on the stories of four college students as they navigate through freshman year.

Disclosure: MTV is a division of ViacomCBS.

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