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Pa. cop shooting suspect threatened to kill pregnant wife, documents say

CANONSBURG, Pa. — Investigators are describing the suspected gunman responsible for killing his wife, unborn child, one police officer, and wounding another officer early Thursday as a “violent, dangerous man,” reports CBS affiliate KDKA.

Neighbors say officers were often called to the couple’s Pennsylvania duplex, and the gunman’s wife had just filed a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) against him last month.

Officer Scott Bashioum was shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute early November 10 KDKA

Michael Cwiklinski, 47, had several prior arrests, but never did any serious jail time. Most of his arrests were for assaulting or harassing his wife. Dalia Sabae is described as hard-working, sweet, kind and tireless. She is also being called a cherished coworker and friend by her co-workers at the pharmacy where she worked.

Sources confirm to the station that employees feared her husband and worried he could hurt her or other employees. PFAs filed by Sabae against her husband describe him as dangerous.

According to KDKA, in one incident, his wife states, “We were at Wal-Mart and I asked him if I could help him with a bag and he said, ‘No.’ He hit me in the face with the bag. It had heavy cans in it. The hospital report indicated I had a closed head injury.”

That report was filed last year.

The station reports that in late-October, another emergency PFA was filed. Cwiklinski’s wife states: “The defendant [her husband] was extremely intoxicated. He took a lot of my belongings and locked himself in a room with them. The defendant got angry and destroyed a lot of my personal documents and some objects around the house. The defendant left, and when he was leaving, he was saying that I and our baby, that I am pregnant with, have to die.”

Sabae did go to an emergency shelter when she filed the most recent PFA. However, she stayed a few days and returned home. Investigators say once her husband was served with the recent papers, he snapped. Officials say he grabbed a long rifle and drove to his wife’s home.

He allegedly killed her and their unborn child. Then, investigators say he shot two police officers, killing one. Police say Cwiklinski then killed himself.

Officer Scott Leslie Bashioum, 52, was pronounced dead at Canonsburg Hospital shortly after 4 a.m. Thursday.

KDKA reports that the injured officer has been identified as James Saieva, of Houston. He suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach and underwent surgery. He was last listed in stable condition at Allegheny General Hospital and his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

KDKA sources also say that Cwiklinski tried to turn his car into a bomb, loaded it with gas cans and propane tanks. Police say he shot up the vehicle outside the house trying to make it explode, but it did not.

There is reportedly no word on where Cwiklinski got the rifle. Those with PFAs against them are not allowed to have firearms. It is unclear whether police searched his home in the past for weapons.

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