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Michael Bublé on the greatest record of his life

Michael Bublé on new music, tour and family
Singer-songwriter Michael Bublé discusses new music, tour and family 06:27

After four Grammy Awards and 11 studio albums, singer-songwriter Michael Bublé says he's finally "found the recipe" when it comes to making an album. The Canadian entertainer is on tour with his latest record "Higher," which he calls the greatest of his life.

"I think I am in a good creative space," Bublé told "CBS Mornings" on Wednesday. "I'm happy. I think my kids are healthy, and I think it's given me this great perspective."

Producers Greg Wells and Bob Rock were behind the 13-track project's production as well as legendary singer-songwriter Paul McCartney.

"I was really excited," Bublé said about one of his phone conversations with McCartney. "I got really quiet at the end when I asked him to produce, and he said yes. I got really quiet, and he thought he lost me, and I just said, like, 'Dude, I'm just trying to keep my composure and be cool.'"

But for the album's title song "Higher," Bublé credits his children for helping write it. He recalled his eight-year-old son Noah helping inspire the hook.

"The kids came up with it," he said. "I was giving the kids shampoo and conditioner in the shower, and he said 'Papi, I wrote a song.'"

In 2016, Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer that has since gone into remission. In a recent video, Bublé posted to social media, Noah is seen playing the piano.

"My wife is holding the phone bawling her eyes out," he told "CBS Mornings." 

"You never stop going through it," Bublé said of his son. "It's something that I think about every day and I think about when I meet other people."

On Thursday, Bublé is set to play Madison Square Garden. On Friday, he and his wife are expecting their fourth child.

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