Metallica is now older, wiser, and in it for the long run

(CBS News) "Enter Sandman" was one of the high-voltage hits that's put the rock band Metallica on the charts again and again. They talk about the good times -- and bad -- with Anthony Mason . . . For The Record:

As if the world's biggest heavy metal band wasn't big enough, in their film, "Metallica Through the Never," James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo are blown up to epic size, in Imax 3-D.

"What were you going for with that?" Mason asked.

"Poverty! We're going for poverty," laughed Hetfield. "Yeah, let's bankroll our own movie, 3-D and Imax."

"I get the sense this cost a lot of money."

"It did. Okay, you're getting the right sense," Hetfield said.

"We're putting our necks out there," said Ulrich.

Hetfield added that he looks "way better" in 3-D. But Hammett dissented: "I look much better in 1-D."

To view a clip from "Metallica Through the Never," of the song, "Master of Puppets," click on the video player below.

In the rock world, of course, Metallica is already epic -- the colossus of heavy metal, one of the most successful bands of all time, with eight Grammys, five straight-to-Number-1 albums, and 110 million records sold.

Hetfield, the lead singer and guitarist, has a motto tattooed on his fingers:

" 'Riff Life.' That's me. You know, the riff. It's all about where the song starts."

But when Ulrich and Hetfield formed the band in the L.A. suburbs in 1981, they were an unlikely pair:

the Danish-born Ulrich had hoped to be a tennis player, like his father.

"At one point the Davis Cup team of Denmark consisted of my dad and uncle, and my granddad as the captain," he told Mason. "Ulrich was very much a kind of tennis dynasty in Denmark. So, of course I was going to continue in that tradition."

When that didn't work out, he turned to music. That's how he found Hetfield, who picked up the guitar after his father, who owned a trucking company, left the family.

They met through an ad in The Recycler, available at the 7-11. "Free of charge, primarily automobiles," said Ulrich. "But in the back there were musicians seeking bands, and bands seeking musicians."

Mason asked Hetfield about his first impression of Ulrich: "I'd never met anyone from Denmark, let alone Europe. He talked funny. And he smelled funny. As simple as that."

"Well, we're so different from each other," said Ulrich. "You know, James is very, very shy, very introverted, barely able to sort of peek out of his shyness."

Hetfield described Lars is an extremely interesting person who, in his mind, "was a rock star already."

Their brainier brand of heavy metal built a following.

But in 1986, on tour in Sweden, their bus skidded off the road, killing bass player Cliff Burton.

"When your brother dies -- I mean, he was a brother to us," said Hetfield. "When someone is killed in your camp, you're never prepared. Never."

The band kept going. And in 1991, Metallica became truly massive.

Their "Black Album" would sell more than 16 million copies and help make Metallica the biggest-selling rock act of the '90s.