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McCain: Never Surrender

Several hundred veterans stood in the cold drizzle Tuesday morning for a man they called their hero.

“You can have your Tiger Woods,” David Bellavia, a former Army Staff Sergeant told the crowd of pro-Iraq veterans. “We’ve got Senator McCain.” 

John McCain, (R-Ariz.) the presumptive nominee, did not disappoint while making a pit stop at the Vets for Freedom rally outside the Capitol. Before appearing on the Senate Armed Services panel, McCain, called David Petraeus "one of [America's] greatest generals."

He also thanked the veterans.

“I just wanna say what you know so well,” McCain said. “No one detests war more than a veteran. But the veteran also knows the consequences of defeat means greater sacrifice and greater numbers who are wounded and killed. You know better than any the consequences of defeat.” 

“My friends, we will never surrender to the extremists,” McCain added. 

“HOOAH!” Dozens of vets chanted in response. 

Sens. Joe Lieberman, (I-Conn.) and Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.), who endorsed McCain's candidacy and  joined him on stage, echoed the Arizona senator's sentiments. 

“Do not underestimate the contribution you have made on the political battlefield at home,” Lieberman said. “Do we want al Qaeda and Iran to win a victory in Iraq?” 

“No!” the vets screamed.

Graham added, "More than anything else, we need you to win."

“You want to know who wants you to come home more than anybody?” Graham continued. “al Qaeda because you’re kicking their ass.”

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