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Matt Damon acts out movies with James Corden on "Late Late Show"

Matt Damon has had a long film career -- 20 years long, in fact.

The actor decided to revisit these 20 years in the span of approximately eight minutes on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and act out his roles -- both big and small -- on the show. He got help from Corden as a supporting actor.

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Watch Damon and Corden breeze through scenes from Damon's hits and flops, including "Good Will Hunting," "School Ties," "Ocean's Eleven" (in which Corden is George Clooney, obviously), "Happy Feet Two" (Damon and Corden make two cute lobsters), "Saving Private Ryan," "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and even "The Martian," though it hasn't hit theaters yet.

Damon got to plug "The Martian" during his scene: "I haven't seen the movie yet. 'The Martian' doesn't come out until Friday," said Corden.

See Damon and Corden transition fairly seamlessly between totally different movies, like from the "Bourne" movies to "We Bought A Zoo," and condense each film into a one or two-line scene.

We have to admit, though, that Corden sometimes steals the show. Watch out, Hollywood.

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