Maryland's Memorable Fries

close up of french fries
CBS News Sunday Morning Roadside found that at the shore in Ocean City, Md., summer is synonymous with beach, boardwalk and Thrashers.

Thrashers French Fries are a tradition for some in this city, where the fried potatoes have been a mainstay since 1929. Back then, food stands that sold only one product were uncommon. But, J.T. Thrasher was confident that his was no common tater.

What is it about the boardwalk fries that makes them memorable?

It may be the vinegar and salt.

"We have no catsup, because we don't want anything competing with the wonderful taste of the French fried potato," said owner Buddy Jenkins.

The potatoes are fried in peanut oil, but that's about all Jenkins will tell about the ingredients from Thrashers'.

"These are the three different sizes that we sell," said Jenkins. "So, if you were strolling with your girlfriend, you wouldn't want to put a lot of weight on. So, you'd take the small size."

But companionship hasn't stopped some guys from buying huge buckets of Thrashers French fries.