Mark Ronson: Beyond "Uptown Funk"

We take note this morning of the record producer behind a number of pop music's greatest hits. Mark Ronson talks with our Anthony Mason:

It's the song that spent 14 weeks at Number 1 this year, tying for the longest run at the top so far this century.

Bruno Mars sings lead on "Uptown Funk," but the artist behind it -- 39-year-old producer and guitarist Mark Ronson -- almost hides in the background of his own video.

"How does it feel to have a number one song?" Mason asked.

"You know, it was something that I never thought was even remotely attainable," Ronson replied.

But the song, which started as a jam session, did not have an easy birth, as Ronson recalled: "It was really when Bruno kind of towards the end came up with the bass line, the hook that opens the song, that the song really gelled together. And then, you know, we got the horns. And now, it's my time to deliver, you know? I need to find a guitar part that's memorable and special and whatever it was.

"So, you know, I cut, I think it was 60 takes. This has never happened to me -- I fainted, like, in the middle of doing guitar takes."

"Why were you working so hard on this song?" Mason asked.

"I don't really know why. I just felt it really needed to be fought for."

Until "Uptown Funk," Ronson had largely worked in the shadows of the artists he produced, like Adele, Paul McCartney and Amy Winehouse.

He was largely unknown when he co-produced Winehouse's second album at London's Metropolis Studios. That album, "Back to Black," would go on to sell 20 million copies and win five Grammys.

Mason asked, "What did that record mean for you?"

"It's probably the reason I'm here talking to you now," Ronson said.

Mark Ronson with correspondent Anthony Mason. CBS News

Ronson and Winehouse were both living in New York City when a producer friend sent her over to his house to meet: "Actually she was standing outside. And I walked up and I was like, 'Amy?' She was like 'Yeah.' I could tell she was all confused. She didn't know who I was. And she later told me she thought Mark Ronson was like some old, as she said, 'Jewish guy with a big beard' -- a more Rick Rubin vibe."

But the two would spend the next week working on songs.