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Mark Cuban will have a front-row seat to first presidential debate

Mark Cuban is getting ready to rumble.

The billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner announced Thursday that he’ll be seated in the front row for the presidential debate Monday night, to be held at Hofstra University in New York.

Here’s Cuban’s tweet about it:

Throughout the presidential elections, Cuban has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump, the GOP nominee and a fellow reality television star. Cuban has taken to heavily trolling the Republican candidate on Twitter, pushing Trump to release his tax returns and questioning whether Trump is really a billionaire:

In August, Cuban gave his endorsement to Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, in a speech in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

And in his latest tweets, the “Shark Tank” investor pledged to donate $10 million to charity if Trump agreed to a four-hour policy interview with Cuban:

Clinton campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon gave a shout-out to Cuban on the social media platform late Thursday about the debate seating arrangement:

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