Maren Morris talks about performing while nearly nine months pregnant, calls baby her "duet partner"

Country star Maren Morris on her unique career
Country star Maren Morris on her unique caree... 07:19

Though few women get airtime on country radio, Maren Morris' song "The Bones" hit the airwaves at number one for two straight weeks. It is the first time since 2012 a female artist has topped the country chart for more than a single week. Now, nominated for five Academy of Country Music awards including "Female Artist of the Year," Morris credits her "really strong work ethic" as a big reason she was able to build her remarkable career.

Texas-born Morris performed to an audience of about 63,000 at the Houston Rodeo on Saturday despite being scheduled to give birth later in the month. It was the biggest show of her career so far, according to the artist.

"He's kicking, but I think we're gonna be okay for today," she told "CBS This Morning" co-host Anthony Mason. She and her husband, fellow musician Ryan Hurd, are expecting their first child on March 30.

"Like, the charm of pregnancy has now worn off," Morris said. "My husband and I both just want to meet our kid. But I can't wait to look back at all this footage from tonight years to come and like, show him, my son, 'This is what I did, like the week before you were here.'"

She called her unborn baby her "duet partner through the whole thing."

Morris has said she plans to go back on tour in the summer after her son is born, and that she was not worried because she had "seen so many amazing artists do it and make it look not only normal for the child, but fun."

As a child herself, Morris grew up in Arlington, Texas to parents who run a hair salon. She began singing at 10 years old before moving to Nashville at age 21 to become a songwriter.

In the years since, she achieved country stardom with two number one albums, joined ACM-nominated country supergroup "The Highwomen," and even crossed over into the pop genre with her hit single, 'The Middle," in collaboration with DJ and producer Zedd.

When asked about her unique route to acclaim, Morris agreed that "in some ways," she did it her own way.

"I haven't tried to follow anyone else's map," she said.