Management Must-Reads

Management Must ReadsIn business, as in life, the people who are the best at it are constantly learning. To this end, we here at BNET try and keep you up to date on the big ideas in business and point out worthy books that'll keep you informed. And because it's the start of a new year, some top management minds are offering their lists of best business books of 2007.

Here's Tammy Erickson's list of must-reads from yesterday's Huffington Post:

  1. "Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, explores what the changing world of Internet-based technologies mean for business.
  2. "Hot Spots: Why Some Companies Buzz with Energy and Innovation - and Others Don't" by Lynda Gratton digs deeply into the human side of organizations
  3. In "Beyond HR: The New Science of Human Capital," John Boudreau and Peter Ramstad tackle... how do we measure success?
  4. "Off-Ramps and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success" by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, builds on our body of knowledge about the preferences of the changing workforce by focusing on one important group in detail -- professional women.
Erickson also suggests an oldie but goodie: 2004's "The Future of Work: How the New Order of Business Will Shape Your Organization, Your Management Style, and Your Life," by Thomas W. Malone, which "lays out an inspiring argument for re-thinking how corporations get work done."

For more ideas check out strategy + business's Best Business Books 2007 or Business Week's list of 10 titles not to miss from the year past.

(Image of books by Waffler, CC 2.0)