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Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts with Splitweet

The jury's in: Twitter has bona fide business value. Of course, as heavy users quickly discover, it's not always the easiest service to manage. Enter Splitweet, which helps you manage multiple Twitter accounts and monitor your brand.

Specifically, the free service lets you tweet to one or more accounts simultaneously; read, reply to, and share updates from users you follow; and track mentions of any "brand" names you want (e.g., your company name, a competitor's name, a product line, or whatever). That, my friends, is insanely handy.

The Splitweet interface may seem a tad confusing at first, but that's partially because Twitter on the whole is confusing (to me, anyway). Stick with it and the pieces quickly fall into place.

As someone who's currently managing four Twitter accounts (including the one for Business Hacks, ahem), I've quickly come to find Splitweet indispensable. It's a must-try for anyone leveraging Twitter for corporate purposes.

Speaking of which, don't miss our recent posts on following the tweets of top business executives and using Twitter to remotely shut down your PC. Meanwhile, check out all the other Twitter-related posts on Business Hacks!

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