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Man secretly lived at AOL office for two months

Aerial view of AOL's Palo Alto, Calif. campus via Google Maps. Screenshot by CNET

(CBS News) Eric Simons is a 19-year-old entrepreneur who exemplifies the gumption it takes to keep a startup company running. For two months, Simons slept, ate, worked out and ran a startup from inside of the AOL's Palo Alto campus.

CNET senior writer Daniel Terdiman got the full story, with interesting reactions from an AOL senior executive and the venture capitalist that placed his faith in the young entrepreneur.

Terdiman writes:

The story of how Simons, just two years removed from a Chicago high school, came to be living in AOL's Palo Alto campus could well become part of Silicon Valley lore, especially because it highlights the lengths some entrepreneurs will go to make their dreams a reality. And though stories abound these days of startup founders barely old enough to drink swimming in venture capital, far more have to get by on packaged noodles and the good will of friends with extra couches.

CNET has the full story: "Meet the tireless entrepreneur who squatted at AOL."