Man makes playable record out of a flour tortilla, on The Feed!

Last Updated Jul 9, 2015 7:14 AM EDT

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a guy who uses a laser cutter to make an edible LP and a wingsuit BASE jumper rocketing through a 6.5-foot mountain gap.

The gentleman in this video posted by Rapture Records is able to create an actual playable record out of an uncooked flour tortilla, using some audio editing software, a PDF file and a laser cutter. The wrap album takes 30 minutes worth of etching to create and plays about 30 seconds of "The Mexican Hat Dance."

For three years, Uli Emanuele prepared for an extremely dangerous wingsuit BASE jump. The idea: To soar through a mountain gap, only about 6.5-feet wide. Luckily, his training paid off and, rather than end up a smear on the side of a mountain in Switzerland, he ended up with this hair-raising video, posted on GoPro's YouTube Channel.

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