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Mall Makeover Magic In Minnesota

For The Early Show's week-long series, Mall Makeovers Across America, stylist David Evangelista goes to several malls to find a few lucky women who could use a little sprucing up.

His first stop, fittingly, is the country's biggest shopping gallery: The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

On Sunday, the super stylist to the stars and makeover master, found the lucky woman immediately - she was the first person he approached!

Stay-at-home mom, Laura Boche, 34, was at the mall with her husband John and three sons (Brendan, age 7; Ethan, age 4; and Cameron, age 1) watching some of the rides in the mall's amusement park when David went to speak to her. Her hair was very fried - overly highlighted and bleached out, and too long for her 5'8, size 6-frame. So, off they went to the Progressions salon where he and a colorist Terry Varty and makeup artist Tom Miller began the transformation.

First, Evangelista chopped a good four inches off Laura's hair, bringing back some life and body. He also thinned her hair out with shears, so it didn't look too full or bushy for her head.

Evangelista wanted Laura to go back to her natural brunette state, so he asked the colorist to give her a warm, chocolaty brown tone. The results made Laura's skin and eyes look infinitely brighter.

As the color set on Laura's hair, Evangelista dashed next door to Nordstrom, where he enlisted the help of a personal shopper to find Laura the perfect new outfit and shoes. The two looked at several outfits throughout the store, but finally decided on a pink top and pin-striped pants that would look perfect on Laura's frame. To top the look off, they chose a tan pair of slides (yes, Evangelista says, you can wear tan shoes with darker pants - "Tan is the new black," he says) and a Kate Spade bag.

Back at the salon, Laura's color was being rinsed out, and shortly thereafter, Tom started her makeup. He decided to keep the makeup minimal, focusing on enhancing the blue of her eyes with some smoky greys, pink cheeks, and a light lip.

So what does Laura think of the transformation?

"I love it," she says. "They did a great job. It was so much fun. I think it's a great change for me - just an updated look for myself."

Her look changed in such a way that her boys were a little shocked when they saw her. Her 1-year-old did not recognize her. Laura says, "He was holding on tight to dad. I had to keep talking to him for a little bit so he would recognize the voice." As for her husband, she says, "He was very happy, very open-minded. He liked the change, too."

Evangelista next stop is the Wolfchase Galleria. So if you want a makeover, look for him in Memphis, Tenn.