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Malibu park where father was killed while camping had 3 recent shooting incidents

Malibu campground closed after fatal shooting
Malibu campground closed after fatal shooting... 02:35

The Southern California campground where Tristan Beaudette was mysteriously killed is now closed indefinitely. He was shot before dawn last Friday while camping with his two young daughters. Detectives are reviewing other recent, unsolved shooting incidents in Malibu Creek State Park as part of their investigation.

Mary Ellen O'Toole, the director of the Forensic Science Program at George Mason University, said detectives are looking into every possible scenario to find out how and why Beaudette was shot and they're asking for the public's help to help them track down the shooter.

"They have an active shooter out there. They have someone who was willing to go into a campground and kill another person," O'Toole said. 

While local law enforcement is releasing limited information about their investigation, O'Toole said detectives are likely searching for clues in Beaudette's background and at the campsite itself, reports CBS News' Carter Evans. 

"They'll be attempting to see what type of weapon was used in the shooting and then if that weapon was somehow connected to other shootings especially ones that took place in that park," O'Toole said. 

Father gunned down while camping with daughte... 01:13

Sheriffs confirm to CBS News that there were three other shooting incidents in the area, one just four days before Beaudette was shot and two more in June and July of last year. Those are now under review as part of the current homicide investigation. Earlier, a sheriff's lieutenant told CBS News of a shooting Monday morning as well but now the department will not confirm that date.

Beaudette's brother told Los Angeles affiliate KCBS he understood there were two holes in the tent, but it's unclear whether they were bullet holes.

"At this point it would be too speculative to say what those holes represented…. The offender has to be very worried that this was in a very busy location… And he cannot be sure who heard him or who saw him, or even one scent he left behind," O'Toole said.

The lack of official information has made it difficult to report on how safe the park is now, but CBS News has been told park patrols have increased. Beaudette's family told our local affiliate they believe this was a random shooting and Beaudette was not targeted.

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