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Makeover Ends With Brit In Florida

It's been a long week for The Early Show's makeover master David Evangelista.

After hitting massive windstorms that cut out the electricity at a Memphis mall on Wednesday, he hoped for better luck (and power) for the final stop of his Mall Makeovers Across America expedition.

When he hit the Florida Mall in Orlando, Fla., he was determined to find the perfect American woman to make over from head to toe. In actuality, he found Kay Matthews, a British tourist on holiday in central Florida for two weeks with her husband, Mel, and her 14-year-old son, Tom.

When offered a full makeover by Evangelista and the folks at Salon Ciello at the Florida Mall, Kay jumped at the opportunity and said that a makeover would make her "very happy."

David decided that Kay's bob-esque hairdo was a bit too frazzled looking, and elongated her face too much. He decided that a shorter, choppier cut would be more flattering, and chopped off at least four inches of hair from her head.

He and colorist Char Coglianese at Salon Ciello both agreed that Kay's hair was dyed entirely too dark. They decided to bring up her color a bit from an almost black tone to a warm brown, and Char finished off the new color with a smattering of caramel highlights. And to keep the process entertaining, Char sang with an operatic voice.

When it came to makeup, Evangelista and makeup artist Percy Aguirre decided to play up Kay's beautiful blue eyes, complimenting them with a pale pink cheek and lip to match her fair skin. To perfect the look, Kay's overgrown, bushy eyebrows were waxed into peak shape - something she'd never done before.

Then it was time to find Kay the perfect outfit to replace her shorts and tank top. So Evangelista ran to Nordstrom, where personal shopper Joseph Nebrotski helped him pull some looks. The final decision: a gorgeous leather blazer that hits Kay mid-hip, paired with a sexy little camisole, a fabulous pair of black and charcoal pinstripe pants, and adorable open-toe shoes.

Transformation completed, Kay says, "I feel absolutely wonderful."