Mailbag: Star Wars Galaxies

darth tater star wars
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We love doing mailbags. We love letting readers spill their guts; or, we love letting them say as much as we can get away with letting them say.

Recently, Sony Online Entertainment has made some changes to their MMO game Star Wars Galaxies. SOE calls the changes "enhancements." However, many long-time players call the changes things that are various ways of saying "crap."

The alterations seem to be aimed at making the game less complicated and less intricate; a move to expand the potential gamer base beyond that of regular RPG players. But at the same time, that assumes that gamers want dumber games and more instant gratification. To make the game more "fun," does that mean make it dumb?

Star Wars Galaxies fans, or former fans, are bellicose.

Several of their - very long - e-mails are just a click away.