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Maggots Send 'Survivor' To Tears

Friday's The Early Show will feature an interview with the contestant voted out of tonight's episode of "Survivor: Vanuatu."

The producers of the show promise that food becomes a big issue in tonight's episode, with one castaway breaking down into tears after finding maggots in the tribe's food.

And a wild chicken wanders into the Yasur camp, sending the hungry contestants into a frenzy as they try to hunt it with a machete.

Unaired insider video and a Survivor fantasy league are featured on the official Survivor Web site.

In the last episode, the Survivors arrived by boat to the Vanuatu islands, located near Australia and Fiji in the southern Pacific, and were greeted by tribal residents skimming across clear, turquoise surf in hand-made skiffs to shuttle them to the beach.

The contestants were divided by sex into two tribes and sent off in the dark rain to locate their camps in opposite directions down the beach.

The two tribes faced off for the first time in a combination reward-immunity challenge that included mud crawl, maze game, balance beam and fire-making obstacles. The men took an early lead, but the women were the final victors, nabbing both flint to make fire, and the immunity staff.

The male Lopevi tribe was left to muddle through its first tribal council decision. In the balloting over who is to be ousted, three tribe members got votes. In the end, it was Massachsetts project manager Brook Geraghty, 27, who was sent packing.

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