Macro Look At Micro-Hoo; Teleported; V-Day Help

In a hurry here today but more tomorrow. A few quick thoughts: yesterday's BlackBerry outage was largely solved overnight but my CBS-issue device was still going haywire until mid-morning. During that time I used a different device to check my e-mail (rhymes with why cone) via a Web-based account. It wasn't great, but it sufficed in a pinch. Note to RIM: futher outages will only push people to experiment further with other devices, which can't be a good business plan. In other news, I plan to spend some time commenting on the proposed/rejected/scorned offer from Microsoft to buy Yahoo!. I realize there are many deeper considerations but one often seems overlooked: image.

Our teleportation piece has leaped through a jumpscar (or wormhole) and likely will re-appear on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric either tomorrow or Thursday night. I'll keep you posted. And if you need a tad bit of online help as a certain occasion approaches on Thursday, you might want to check out this site or this one. Stay connected.

P.S. Nice to see Columbus finally able to do some research.