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Macklemore cover made by looping everyday sounds

(CBS News) We here at The Feed happen to love the creative musical genius that is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. (And have been proudly praising the duo since 2011, way before they blew up everywhere.) So when we see a work that takes one of their hit songs as the base and does something totally unique with it, you know it's going to be featured here in a big way. With that background out of the way: stop whatever you're doing this instant and click play above!

Wow. I mean... just wow. The (primary) use of everyday objects to create music, reminiscent of another creative artist and friend of The Feed, Diego Stocco, was posted by YouTube user Stonys World who writes about the intricate process behind the "Can't Hold Us" cover:

I don't know what i'm doing. Please enjoy.
I, for one, would beg to differ. Because whatever it is he is doing has colored me impressed and earned Stonys World a big triple-rainbow salute of creative music excellence from us here at The Feed! And to check out more great work from Stonys World, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here. (Where, fingers crossed, there will be more videos like this very soon!)
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