LulzSec takes revenge on alleged "snitches"

(ZDNet) LulzSec posted the identities of two people it said had snitched and landed a teenage hacker in jail on Tuesday.

That teenager, Ryan Cleary, was identified by the BBC. Cleary was arrested earlier Tuesday in what appeared to be a score for Scotland Yard and the FBI. It initially appeared that Cleary was a ringleader for LulzSec, which is structured to be a leaderless organization.

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LulzSec: Too cocky for its own good?

However, LulzSec said it was alive and well. According to @anonymouSabu, believed to be a leader of LulzSec, Cleary was ratted out, but he only hosted chats.

On PasteBin, LulzSec outed snitches with addresses, IM and IP addresses. LulzSec even provided phone numbers. The main target was m_nerva, who was outed as Marshall Webb, a Hamilton, Ohio resident.

The hacker group said:

Hi FBI & other law enforcement clowns,

LulzSec here with some juicy gossip.

This is Marshal Webb, also known as "[redacted]" in the "#pure-elite" IRC logs you no doubt have enjoyed. He was involved in the hacking of the game "Dues Ex" and was/is involved in countless other cybercrimes.

Also, he tried to snitch on us. Therefore we just did your job for you with great ease.

This moron is trying to flee the country in order to avoid serious punishment. Hunt him down:...

These goons begged us for mercy after they apologized to us all night for leaking some of our affiliates' logs. There is no mercy on The Lulz Boat.

Snitches get stitches.

It has been a curious day for the LulzSec posse to say the least.

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