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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says friend was killed in Louisville mass shooting

4 killed in Louisville bank shooting
4 killed in Louisville bank shooting 03:26

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said three of his close friends were caught in the mass shooting at a bank in downtown Louisville on Monday morning, and one was killed.

Giving emotional remarks at a news conference after the shooting, Beshear initially told reporters that two had died and another friend was hospitalized with injuries sustained in the attack. According to the Louisville Metro Police Department, five people were killed and eight wounded, and the gunman is also dead.

"This is awful," Beshear said at the news conference. "I have a very close friend that didn't make it today, and I have another close friend that didn't either and one who's at the hospital that I hope is going to make it through."

Beshear later said during another press conference Monday afternoon that he had been misinformed and one of the friends he thought had died was OK.

Police identified the four slain victims as Joshua Barrick, 40; Thomas Elliot, 63; James Tutt, 64; Deana Eckert, 57; and Juliana Farmer. Police provided two ages for Farmer, and it wasn't immediately clear which was the right one.

Elliot was a friend of both Beshear and Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg.

"When we talk about praying, I hope people will for those that we are hoping can make it through the surgeries that they are going through. And then we've got to do what we have done these last three years after everything, we've got to wrap our arms around these families," the governor continued, adding, "Our bodies and our minds are not meant to go through these types of tragedies."

CBS News contacted Beshear's office for additional information but did not receive an immediate response.

In addition to the victims, the suspected shooter also died on Monday, authorities said. The gunman was shot and killed by responding officers, interim Louisville Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel told reporters during an afternoon press conference.

Police identified the gunman as a 25-year-old man who worked at the bank.

At least two police officers were shot while exchanging gunfire with the suspected shooter, according to Louisville Deputy Police Chief Paul Humphrey, who said that one of the officers was hospitalized in critical condition.

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