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La. woman describes miracle survival after tornado grabbed her

At least three people died Tuesday night when tornadoes hit across the Deep South
At least three people died Tuesday night when... 02:27

CONVENT, La. -- A tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in Virginia on Wednesday. Twisters were also reported in North Carolina and Florida.

Tornado watches and warnings are up from South Carolina to New Jersey -- including Washington and Philadelphia.

Multiple tornadoes were reported in Louisiana... 01:47

This is the same system that brought death to the South last night. Tornadoes killed at least three more people on Tuesday in Mississippi and Louisiana.

At an RV park in Convent, Louisiana, CBS News found a story of survival.

Forty-eight-year-old Barbara Posey has a survival story even she can't believe.

"I felt stuff hitting the trailer or the RV. Kept feeling stuff hitting the RV. And then next thing I know I went forward, and next thing I know it was daylight," she explained. "I was riding around and around and around and then I didn't realized until later what it was. It was an electrical box I was riding on."

Her RV now looks like scrap mixed among a mangle of personal treasures.

"Man it's hard to comprehend right now," said Ricky Posey, Barbara's husband.

He left her hospital bedside to find items belonging to her grandmother.

"You can look around and see what one storm can do," he said.

Vehicles were tossed like toys. The tree line is littered with metal. On Wednesday, the governor toured the area by helicopter, from the ground it's obvious what happened was a disaster.

Just ask Holly Hana.

"My stuff is everywhere, just everywhere. I'm finding things all over this place," she said.

From Louisiana to Georgia up to two dozen tornadoes were reported on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Back in Convent, Barbara Posey's dog is missing, and though she's worried -- she's grateful, even though her RV is now gone, too.

"That's material things. I'm still here, I'm able to talk to you, I'm able to kiss my husband," she said. "I'm lucky."

Two people were killed at the RV park. Thirty people were hurt. seven of those critically. CBS News spotted a power box while we were there. We texted a picture to Barbara and she confirms this looks like the power box she was holding on to in the air. It laying right in front of her destroyed RV.

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