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L.A. homeless woman posts video protecting Trump Walk of Fame star

LOS ANGELES  — An unidentified homeless woman is becoming a YouTube sensation after a video of her protecting Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame went viral, CBS Los Angeles reports

Los Angeles police are searching for the woman who is a Donald Trump and was harassed and fell to the ground as she apparently protected the presidential candidate’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed

A video uploaded to YouTube Thursday shows the woman displaying pro-Trump signs complaining about immigrants and President Obama, The Los Angeles Times reported.

A man bumps against her, she pushes back and falls to the ground, staying there as the crowd jeers. 

The video prompted angry calls to police asking why they didn’t intervene.

LAPD Officer Tony Im said Friday that the woman incited the crowd with racial slurs and police at the scene “kept the peace.”

He said police will look for the woman to interview her.

“We had a lot of people upset that we didn’t do anything,” Im said. “If she’s a victim, she has a right to come forward.”

Koali Fikator, who shot and posted the video, wrote on YouTube that the woman told the crowd to “let her be” when some offered help and that she eventually got up and made a new sign disparaging Mexicans and urging people to vote for Trump.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweeted Friday that he’s also looking for the woman, saying Trump “has a gift for her.”

A crowd gathers to watch as Donald Trump’s vandalized Star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame is tended to and cleaned up before being replaced on October 26, 2016 in Hollywood, California. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

CBS Los Angeles went in search of the woman Saturday.

The woman was in the middle of a heated discussion about President Obama (she’s not a fan) and immigration (also not a fan).

In the meantime, he showed residents and tourists the video to get their reaction.

“Oh my goodness,” says Glory Yepassis.

“That’s bad, what the people are doing,” said Mani Mohan.

The woman’s posters showing support for the republican presidential hopeful were ripped up and ended up on the ground.

This follows the man who took a sledgehammer to the star.

Even folks who don’t like Trump, defend the homeless woman’s right to defend the billionaire.

“Nnoooooo. Yes she’s supporting Trump but you don’t do anything like that. That’s still rude, She’s still a human being,” said Yepassis.

Like any weekend on Hollywood Boulevard, the sidewalks were packed. A lot of people came to check out the famous walk and their favorite stars.

Trump’s star? Still in recovery mode after the sledgehammer attack and drawing large crowds to the location.

“We’re in Hollywood so this is something unique. A lot of funny people,” said Nelson Santiago.

On Twitter, Trump fans were quick to blame Clinton supporters for “attacking” the homeless woman.

Alana Mastrangelo tweeted: “Hillary’s bullies attack a homeless Trump supporter in front of his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.”

Michael Keys tweeted, “Homeless black woman protects Donald Trump’s Hollywood star from rich white Hillary supporter and other Hillary bullies.”

One video actually shows a large and diverse crowd of whites, blacks, Latinos yelling at the woman. One black male pointedly tells the woman, “You asked me if I would protect you, but you started spewing hate at everybody. I warned you. You spewed hate. You got hate.”

She starts calling a few people “b----.” A young white male in a Dodgers cap tries to reason with the crowd saying the best answer is to vote against Trump on November 8.

When the homeless woman falls to the ground the crowd accuses her of “Hollywood acting.”

Mills reported that Trump’s camp is aware of the video. Michael Cohen, executive veep of Trump’s organization, put out a plea to find, as they called her, ‘The Star Protector.’

LAPD has filed a battery report after reviewing the video. Nobody knows how to find the homeless woman and investigators have been unable to find her.

A Trump supporter started a GoFundMe page for the woman.

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