Living With The Enemy

Domestic Abuse Strikes The Most Prosperous Homes

In nice neighborhoods all over the country families are hiding lives of violence. According to the U.S. Justice Department, 1.5 million women are targets of domestic abuse - and the problem is not isolated to poor communities.

As 48 Hours reports, some of the worst domestic violence may be found in the best of homes.

Chat Transcript
Domestic violence experts Sarah Elinoff and Russell Bradbury-Carlin answered questions on the 48 Hours live chat after the broadcast of "Living With The Enemy". Read the transcript here.

Armed And Dangerous: Police officer Tori-Lynn Heaton, a former Miss Rhode Island, was trained to recognize and deal with domestic abuse. But when the abuser was her husband and fellow officer, she didn't know what to do.

Unnecessary Roughness: Is there hope for batterers? Cheered for the punishment he dished out on the football field, former NFL superstar Mark Gastineau is now in a New York prison for the violence he inflicted on the women in his life. He now says faith and counseling have helped him understand his behavior.