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Live Coverage of Apple's Fall Event: Now


It has become an annual fall event - a music-flavored September briefing where Apple unveils a myriad of product and technology announcements. This year the speculation has focused on a new batch of iPods topping the agenda. But as our sister site CNET notes, "there may also be a lot more besides the widely expected iPod Touch with front-facing camera and retina display." Rumors are that Apple also will talk about new features for its iTunes music store. One leak points to sample clips of songs up to 60 or 90 seconds.

At the same time, CEO Steve Jobs, who is expected to run the show as usual, might have something to say abut the a new look for Apple TV, as well as new pricing for TV show rentals.

There will be more interest than usual in what Jobs has to say because this time around there's stepped-up competition in the digital media industry. In fact, hours before Apple's event, Sony made its own news as we began to learn about a new music and video subscription service. On a related note, has been in talks with big media companies about offering unlimited views of older TV shows and movies online.

Late Tuesday, Apple said it plans to provide a live video stream of the event, though it will only work if you have Macs running OS X, an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. But no matter what browser or platform you might have, we'll be hosting CNET's live blog to keep you posted on the latest updates from the briefing.

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