Littleton's Aftermath

In some ways, Connie Michalik still finds it difficult to believe what happened to her son Richard one month ago today, reports CBS News Correspondent Cynthia Bowers.

"I'd just seen him that morning," said Michalik. "I packed his lunch, told him good-bye, have a good day. I always say, 'I love you, have a good day today.' He says, 'I love you too mom.' And then for me to see him that night in hospital was just surreal."

The 17-year-old junior almost died when bullets from the guns of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold slammed into his body, striking a lung and kidney. His spleen had to be removed and he nearly lost his left arm. He remains hospitalized, his long-range outlook still unknown.

His mother says, "When he woke up, the first thing he asked was, 'How's Rachel, where's Rachel, is she OK?'"

Rachel Scott didn't make it. These days her dad and little brother Craig try to hold onto the girl they loved and looked up to.

They remember the girl who in the moments before her death was asked whether she believed in God. She said yes, and was gunned down.

"We're really realizing that she's dead." says Craig Scott.

Darrel Scott says his daughter "taught me a lot about accepting other people. And I think parents need to learn from their kids."

Columbine High Senior Val Schnurr also stood up for her faith. She was wounded eight times. These days she's on the mend, but struggles with the issue of forgiveness. "They're gone," she says of shooters Klebold and Harris. They can't do anything else to hurt us anymore."

Schnurr adds, "I'm almost there, and I know there will be a point that I will be able to forgive them, I have to. But I can't move on with my life if I hate these people the rest of my life."

But Connie Michalik is finding she can't move on, not yet. "It's hard for me to imagine my life the way it was before," she says. "I just wish we could role the clock back and let everything be the way it was. I just feel like we're all living in a nightmare."

A nightmare that still hasn't gone away.