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Lindsay Lohan: I'm Sober

Lindsay Lohan's career began with a lot of promise. Then sweetness gave way to scandal, with many public break-ups and meltdowns in front of the cameras.

Now, Lohan and her mother, Dina, are telling their side of the story exclusively to "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Samantha Harris, who appeared on "The Early Show" Thursday from Hollywood.

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Harris sat down with Lindsay at Dina Lohan's house on Long Island, where Lindsay was visiting.

Harris asked, "Do you have any sort of problems with drugs? With alcohol? With prescription medication?"

"No, I don't. No, I don't," she said. "I work. And, if I go out with my friends, I am 23 and I am allowed to do that."

Lohan, with Dina at her side, cleared the air about what she considers are the many public misconceptions about her.

Lindsay said, "I am working. And, I'm good. And, I'm surrounded by great friends now. You know, I have weeded out a lot of people in my life."

But Harris pointed out that trouble has followed Lindsay everywhere. She's had two DUI arrests and a reported three stays in rehab. But she says that's all behind her now.

She told Harris, "People build you up to knock you down."

Throughout these tumultuous years, mother and daughter have formed an unbreakable bond.

Lindsay said it's nice to know her mother has with her through it all.

Dina said, "When I read (tabloid accounts), it breaks my heart because it is not true. I am going to cry. I'm really going to cry."

Lohan broke in and said, "It's okay. Stop."

So how does Lindsay deal with all those rumors that are out there?

She replied that she and her mother don't really pay attention to it.

However, she acknowledged that the speculations are becoming an issue for her career.

"(The) only problem is that it distracts from me getting jobs, and that's when it hurts me -- especially when it's not true."

That may have been the case recently, as reports surfaced that Lohan was fired from the movie "The Other Side" before production even began. Celebrity website TMZ reported the film's financial backers worried she's no longer "bankable" at the box office -- that is _- guaranteed to draw people into theaters.

When Harris asked what is the biggest misconception about her, she responded that she doesn't know.

Harris volunteered, "You trip a lot."

But Lindsay confirmed, rather than denied that report, saying, "I am the clumsiest, most clumsy person in the world."

She added, "By the way. I love to act."

Her mother Dina added, "She has the biggest heart of anyone on the planet."

But is Lindsay actually sober?

On "The Early Show," Harris said Lindsay didn't give her any indication that she was a woman in trouble.

"I was really looking for all those clues, all of those reports you read, I thought there was going to be something that would tell me 'Yes, this girl is having some issues, has a problem,' but I didn't. She was lovely. She was gracious. And she looked right into my eyes and said 'Yes, I'm clean.' ... I wanted to believe that was true for her. I think in that moment when Lindsay answered that question, I think she believes that she is."

As for Lindsay's father, Michael, "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez said there are reports he is backing off from taking legal action to try to take control of Lindsay's finances and get her into a rehab program. Harris said both Lindsay and her mother don't want Michael in their lives.

Harris said, "I think (Michael is) probably wising up. I don't know if he would take court action, if he actually would any legs to stand on necessarily."

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