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Lily Gladstone talks historic Oscar nomination and the Osage community supporting her career

Lily Gladstone on historic Oscar nomination
Lily Gladstone talks historic Oscar nomination, Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar snub 07:24

Actress Lily Gladstone has become the first Native American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. This historic nomination is a result of her acclaimed performance in "Killers of the Flower Moon," and has not only catapulted Gladstone into the spotlight, but also marked a significant step forward in the representation of Native Americans in the film industry.

Actor Lily Gladstone, left, was voted "Most Likely to Win an Oscar" in high school. CBS News

Gladstone told "CBS Mornings" that she learned the news while on a FaceTime call with her family in Osage County. She said she chose to experience the moment there because she felt like the moment belonged to the Osage nation.

"This is their story. So it felt really special to be able to be there when the announcement came in," she said.

Gladstone is a member of the Blackfeet Nation.  Only three Indigenous actresses have been nominated for best actress at the Oscars before: Merle Oberon and Keisha Castle-Hughes, who are part of New Zealand's Maori people and Yalitza Aparicio, who is Native Mexican.

She stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the film, who was not nominated for his role as Ernest Burkhart. Gladstone said her portrayal of her character was deeply influenced by DiCaprio's performance.

"He gave me a character that was so easy to believe, so easy to fall in love with, so easy to not see what his the sinister side of him was doing," she said.

The actress also hinted at new opportunities and projects coming her way thanks to the attention garnered by her Oscar nomination. When asked about her Oscars plus-one, Gladstone confirmed that her mother, who accompanied her to the Golden Globes, would be joining her for the Academy Awards, too.

Gladstone's journey to this historic nomination was supported by her family and community. She was voted "most likely to win an Oscar" in high school, a prediction that may come true when the Oscars are held on March 10.

"It's been really heartwarming to see how that photo recirculating from high school has kind of re-brought our drama class back together," she said.

The ripple effect of Gladstone's achievement has brought a new sense of enthusiasm among her high school drama class, who plan to reunite to watch the Oscars at their old high school theater.

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