Letterman's Decade At <b>CBS</b>

Dave Letterman 2000
It happened this past week that a milestone in late night television was reached.

The Late Show with David Letterman marked its 10th year of making audiences laugh on CBS.

Of course, Letterman came to CBS from NBC only after executives there chose rival Jay Leno to succeed Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

But he seemed to make a smooth transition.

While David Letterman hasn't always won the late night ratings war, he's always been a critical success and a favorite at the Emmys.

He's redefined the meaning of "family show" and the expression "animal magnetism."

After recent health problems, Letterman seems to be back in the groove.

And it looks like a late night of the veteran host's shticks for many years to come.

So, expect many of his fans to be watching The Late Show with David Letterman.