Lesson in how not to use industrial equipment revisited

(CBS News) Last week we blogged about a video of an industrial digger getting from a mound to the ground in a very unorthodox way. And by "unorthodox" I really mean not the smartest way to use the equipment if you want to continue being able to use it and/or value your life. And I hoped in the aftermath of that post that maybe everyone had learned a lesson. That the use of industrial equipment in juvenile hijinks had come to an end. And then I saw this video.

C'mon, people! I know it's the summer now and, yeah, that definitely looks like fun. But industrial equipment like that has a very real and useful purpose, and it doesn't involve swinging wildly around on a beach. We have a FAIL section here at The Feed that doesn't get used much (we prefer accentuating the positives in the viral world) but I'm going to go ahead and place this item under that section just like the last one and remind everyone to not do things like this anymore. Ever.